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Boychoir is a 2014 American drama film directed by François Girard and written by Ben Ripley.[3] The film stars Dustin HoffmanKathy BatesDebra WingerJosh Lucas and the American Boychoir School

Stetson Tate is a 12-year-old student who is disruptive and often gets in trouble, but displays a natural affinity with music. His single mother, who was struggling with a drink problem, dies in a car accident. His father, who has a wife and two daughters sends him to an elite music boarding school, the fictional National Boychoir Academy, to keep Stet's existence a secret. Stet is admitted due to his vocal ability but also the generous amount of money the father pays them.

Stet struggles to fit in, because the other pupils are privileged children, and he cannot read music. Stet's behavior is also problematic for some of the staff. However, he works hard, learning music theory and practicing his vocal technique, and becomes one of the best singers, which allows him to join on the choir's tours.

Stet's father's family receives tickets, anonymously sent by the academy, for an important performance of the choir. Stet's father does not want to go, for fear of revealing his secret son, but the family attend. After the concert he decides to transfer Stet to a school in Switzerland, but Stet, encouraged by staff member Carvelle, refuses to go. Carvelle threatens the father to expose his secret, and the father keeps Stet at the school.

Stet and Devon, another student, develop an antagonistic relationship. Devon exposes Stet's mother's criminal record to the other students, causing Stet to beat him in his room. The teachers councils considers expulsions for both of them, but delays the decision as those students are needed for a representation in New York. The New York representation goes without any incident, but soon after, Stet's voice starts to change as he grows older.

The father ultimately tells his family, and his wife accepts this. Stet starts living with them.

Hoffman stars in Boychoir as the choir master Carvelle, with Bates as the school's headmistress; the director is François Girard with a script by Ben Ripley. Originally, the cast was to include Alfred Molina, but he left the project.[3] In February 2014, Debra WingerEddie IzzardKevin McHaleJosh Lucas, and newcomers Garrett Wareing, Joe West, River Alexander, and Grant Venable joined the cast.[5] Wareing plays a young man who joins a boys' choir; Winger plays the boy's Odessa, Texas school principal; Izzard, replacing Alfred Molina, will play Drake, the choir master's right-hand at the school; Lucas plays the boy's estranged father. McHale portrayed a young music teacher who champions the boy and West, Alexander and Venable play other boys in the chorus.[5]